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Аnna Pysmennaya

Аnna Pysmennaya
Head of Ecosystems

Аnna Pysmennaya

“Business Ecosystem as a Perfect Business Model”

The ecosystem types (super apps, digital platforms, etc.), participants and main criteria for joining one. The review of key ecosystems on the market – Amazon, AirBnb, Google, YandexGo etc. Why creating an ecosystem is a winning strategy both for its participants and their customers?

My passion is to grow businesses using the ecosystem approach.

Currently, I’m the Head of Ecosystems at UXSSR (B2B Ecosystem strategy) and Lecturer in Higher School of Economics, in Moscow.
I teach an author’s course and launch scientific and practical projects with students on the effectiveness of neuromarketing research

Worked as Marketing Director of UVENCO Vending Network, where we designed office minimarkets and coffee points in the UK within the framework of the ecosystem strategy
and launched a 24U Super App for vending purposes.

Worked as a Marketing Director at the NeuroTrend research company and developed marketing strategies for Megafon, PepsiCo, Burger King, MTS, SBER, Borjomi, and others.

Worked at SBER, Research Laboratory.
Research of consumer experience based on neuromarketing data, adjusting of communication materials and SBER products.

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