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Agnieszka Billewicz

Agnieszka Billewicz
UX Design Lead

Agnieszka Billewicz

“Rapid Prototyping with (emerging) technology: Hands-on research approaches”

In this short talk we will look at examples of rapid prototyping, technology sketches, provotypes & design interventions. We’ll explore hands-on approaches to research in areas like AR, AI, voice & more.

Agnieszka Billewicz is a UX Design Lead at Star. She’s an award-winning interaction designer with a knack for analytic thinking and a passion for emerging technologies. She has worked with clients on three continents, designing medical equipment, car HMI’s, AR experiences & more. She’s experimenting with machine learning as a design material & specializing in design for healthcare. Prior to Star, she gathered experience in Huge & IDEO.

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