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Aneta Kmiecik

Aneta Kmiecik
UX Designer
EcoOnline Global

Aneta Kmiecik

“Become more strategic as a designer”

Strategy is choosing what to do and what not to do. It is about making trade-off decisions based on what is needed, what can be done now, how competitors perform and what are industry trends. In this presentation you will learn how to make these hard choices in order to reach future goals. After this talk you should collect a package of methods that will help you build your own product strategy.

UX UI Designer specializing in building SaaS tools across different markets. Currently she is responsible for designing a platform tool in an environment, health and safety industry. She is passionate about research, business, trends, strategy and new technology. She graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning, and Graphic Design faculties. After hours she is an active design mentor who helps young designers grow their skills.

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