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Ania Kuczyńska & Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

Ania Kuczyńska & Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

Ania Kuczyńska & Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi

“Planting the seed of change in one of the leading insurance companies in Poland”

This talk results from an intensive 4-month fully remote project focused on designing the best possible experience for people making insurance claims. We all know that insurance is complicated, complex and difficult to understand. We also know that the moment when something happens, e.g. with your car or in your home is a very painful one. With this project, Warta, one of the leading insurers on the Polish market, aimed at starting a change. Initially, something that was seen as one of many projects on the company’s roadmap, over a few weeks became one of the key priorities and helped starting a cultural change towards human-centricity. Together with Anna Kuczyńska from Warta, we’ll share key highlights from our work with lessons learnt that might be helpful for others.

Ania Kuczyńska, Warta
Process Manager at Warta, one of the leading insurance companies in Poland. She is responsible for customer experience in claim handling process. Fascinated by the impact that customer-centric cultures have on employees, customers and businesses.

Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi, DESIGN PROVISION
Design Strategist, Service Designer and Co-Founder of DESIGN PROVISION, strategic design consultancy based in Warsaw. Since 2020, together with Magda Kochanowska, Weronika oversees the Service Design postgraduate studies at the SWPS University in Warsaw, Poznań and Katowice. She has almost 15 years of practical experience gained in projects conducted in Poland, Holland and Germany. Before DESIGN PROVISION Weronika worked at the Design Council in London UK, where she focused on design education and design management.

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