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Barbara	Adamska & Monika Banach

Barbara Adamska & Monika Banach


Barbara Adamska & Monika Banach

“Make your vote count and let people count it. What can you learn about your product from a presidential election?”

In our talk, we will present our framework for content research and show how good UX writing practices (or lack thereof) influences the whole experience. In particular, we will discuss the impact of UX writing on postal voting. Should the ballots be designed with the user at heart, the result of the Polish Presidential Election in 2020 may have been different…

#uxwriting #contentresearch #usercentereddesign

Barbara Adamska
UX Specialist and a cognitive scientist with a passion for words. Plain language is her cup of tea – and she hopes to share that tea with others. In her daily work, she creates content strategies and guides, helps to simplify text in a variety of contexts – from banking apps, to mailing, and user interfaces.

Monika Banach
As UX Researcher with 8 years of experience, she conducts UX research for the biggest players on both Polish and international markets. Her job entails planning research in a way which helps identify customer needs and insights from the market.
Her research helps organizations implement digital products which have the customers at heart and helps deliver the best user experience.

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