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Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu
Senior product designer

Chimmy Kalu

“How to build lovable products”

Often, people ship products that people merely tolerate. These products are easily interchangeable with competitor products or discarded in an economical crisis e.g. during the pandemic. As a product designer who’s helped companies like Vogue and WorldRemit make their products more lovable, Chimmy will share tips for how to create products that your customers can’t stop using and recommending.

Chimmy is a designer who creates products that people can’t stop using and recommending. She works with companies that put people first, helping them ship products that solve real problems. Over the last decade, Chimmy has helped heritage brands like British Airways and Vogue make their digital products more lovable. She’s currently helping startups connect with their ideal customers. Chimmy often shares her passion for inclusive design via speaking, writing and workshops.

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