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Daryna Kruty

Daryna Kruty
UX Designer
One Shoe

Daryna Kruty

“Get started with making product and design decisions based on data”

Many product teams seem to be excited about ‘data’, but when push comes to shove they flake and never start.
There is so much you can do, that it is hard to know where and how to start. The short-term benefits are not always clear either, and it is easy to get intimidated by the success stories of the best of the best.
This talk is for people who are just in the beginning of this journey. In a couple of projects in the past 2 years I have managed to use data in my work to start informing my team’s decisions, and would like to share my learnings with you: how to gently roll into this new field without being a data guru, where to start, some do’s and don’ts. Join in to learn more!

During 7 years in the field of digital I got to work with all sorts of clients: big and small, start-ups and corporates, for-profit, non-profit and government. Looking forward to share some of the learnings from this journey!

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