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Joanna Rutkowska & Magda Kochanowska

Joanna Rutkowska & Magda Kochanowska


Joanna Rutkowska & Magda Kochanowska

“Service design for public health in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic”

As a result of the pandemic, we expect solutions that will increase safety in public spaces. In many places, preventive measures such as wearing a mask or physical distancing have already been implemented. New technologies also have a lot to offer to minimize the spread of infectious diseases. 

FaceCOV —a screening AI-based medical device developed by Milton Essex company — helps to minimize the likelihood of virus transmission. It automatically identifies febrile humans by screening all persons entering the locations such as workplaces or hospitals.
How to implement such a solution in public space? How to create an effective and fast screening process that everyone will want to use and will trust?
This presentation focuses on the challenges and critical moments of the service design process of developing a procedure for public health. We want to inspire product and service designers who design complex systems, especially in the age of the pandemic.

Joanna is in between academia and practice, design and research, writing and making. She takes advantage of these polarities to inform design research and service design work at DESIGN PROVISION. She specializes in making technology more humane. Currently, she’s finalizing a Ph.D. project at Tallinn University in Estonia. As a part of IDEO U Community of Practice, she developed her competencies in creative leadership. Since 2013 she has been a co-author of the report “UX and Product Design in Poland.” In 2020, she debuted as a curator. In June 2021, sheathes Summer Residency at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Magda is a product and visual communication designer by her background and co-founder of DESIGN PROVISION. She specialises in design methodologies, planning and implementing design processes, especially in the area of Service Design. She is the Deputy Dean for Education at the Faculty of Design at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, where she defended her doctorate (2010) and obtained her post-doctoral degree (2020). She is Head of Service Design postgraduate course at the SWPS University in Warsaw.

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