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Katarzyna Kaliszewska-Czeremska, Matylda Szmukier & Tomek Jamiński

K. Kaliszewska-Czeremska, M. Szmukier & T. Jamiński

Katarzyna Kaliszewska-Czeremska, Matylda Szmukier & Tomek Jamiński

“United Data Forces of OLX – Operation B2C Segmentation”

At OLX we used to talk about ourselves as an outgrown startup. Why? Because although we have grown in size, we still keep our thinking agility and emphasis on user-centered design. At the same time, the organization’s maturation process forces the need to structure certain areas like the business customer support.

Last year as part of the “B2C Segmentation Operation“ we have joined the forces of Data Science, UX Research and Product Analytics teams. The synergy of quantitative and qualitative data has allowed us to create business user groups based on their behavior (answering the “what?” question) as well as to get an in-depth understanding of their needs (answering the “why?” question).

The fruits of this project support operations of product development, strategy, marketing and sales.

The presentation will focus on the cross-functional team’s project execution methodology, including the showcase of the Data Driven Customer Centricity strategy, supported by blending quantitative and qualitative data in the business user segmentation process.

Katarzyna Kaliszewska-Czeremska (Roche Global IT Solution Centre)
UX Researcher with almost 19 years of professional experience in the field of research and strategies, both in business and academic contexts. Her experience includes managing international research teams and dispersed project teams, as well as conducting international field and quantitative research for UX and Service Design processes. She holds PhD in psychology. She worked, among others, for Michelin, OLX Group, TPN, Credit Agricole and Capgemini.

Matylda Szmukier (OLX)
Matylda is a Strategic Design expert with over 9 years of international experience in creating digital products & services. With a background in Psychology and Design, she drives meaningful solutions through uncovering latent needs and motivations of people, client’s business requirements, the latest societal trends, and breakthrough technologies. Prior to OLX, Matylda worked as Strategic Designer at BCG DV where she was responsible for defining new venture opportunities and bringing start-ups to market. Matylda has a wealth of experience across the entire spectrum of the design process, from early exploratory stages, MVP, iterations through to commercialisation. She worked in Financial Services, Telecoms, Healthcare and Retail where she delivered successful outcomes for a wide range of complex innovation and transformational projects across Europe and South America. Her clients include Shell, De Beers, LVMH Group, Tesco Bank, O2, Vivo, Telefonica, Prudential, Royal Bank of Scotland.

Tomek Jamiński (OLX)
Servant leader with broad experience in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Market & UX Research. Fluent both in the ecommerce as well as the FMCG domain. Uniquely understands the mechanics and culture of both worlds. Loves taking on challenges that connect data and business. Passionate in building cross-functional teams. Likes to work with critically thinking leaders. Focused on developing the strengths of every person. Holds a MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Poznań University of Technology and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Management from the Poznań University of Economics. Privately husband and father for whom taking care of the family and homeliness are top priority. Actively doing sports – aikido and dancing.

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