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Katarzyna Pawlak

Katarzyna Pawlak
Senior Product Owner / Team Leader

Katarzyna Pawlak

“How to manage 50,000 requests with customer requirements and not go crazy”

During this talk, I will show you how I organized the customer requirements management process in my team using Jira: from a support ticket through my analysis to implementation. I’m going to present the workflow that improved cooperation between support, developers, and the product owner. Thanks to this process, we never forget about any good idea for a new feature, even if we decide not to implement it right away.

No matter what tool you use for managing projects in your work, I hope that you find my topic interesting and useful for your teams. See you there!

I’m a Senior Product Owner and Team Leader. I came to Deviniti as a technical writer, which helped me learn Atlassian products inside out. Now I’m overseeing the design and development of all of our apps, with a particular focus on improving customer support with Jira Service Management. I take care of the entire design process: from ideas and mockups through supporting our technical team in the development to documentation and marketing of the final product. I’m focused on creating user-friendly apps that people really want to use. When not working, I love running and traveling around the world.

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