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Łukasz Fedorowicz & Piotr Łysakowski

Łukasz Fedorowicz & Piotr Łysakowski
Head of Design & Digital Strategy Consultant

Łukasz Fedorowicz & Piotr Łysakowski

“No more “Lorem ipsum” in your designs! – introducing Core Content Model”

Core Content Model is a framework and workshop conducted with the client, which will allow you to zero in on the critical content for the solution and set content hierarchy at a very early stage of the project.
It will help you build more adequate solutions, avoid project risks due to lack of relevant content, and harvest synergies between the content and the design.
During the presentation, we will show you why and how to use it, along with some tips and examples based on our recent projects.

A designer with twenty years experience and Head of Design at Frontkom. Focused on creating usable digital solutions and solving business problems. Specializes in responsive web, content planning, and text choreography. Likes it when the product does not need a user manual. He has a knack for making things simpler than they were before.

An analyst and marketer by experience, a sociologist by education.
As a part of the Frontkom team, he is a connector between clients, users, and the project team, making sure that digital strategy is coherent and the project keeps a steady aim.
Developing and conducting workshops is his favourite part of work.
In spare time a one-person discussion circle, painter, and a music maker.

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