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Mihai Bâlea

Mihai Bâlea
UX Lead Bytex, Co-Founder UX Rocks

Mihai Bâlea

“Building a UX team – a trial & error strategy”

“Building a UX team has hidden pitfalls and it is a crossover of emotional, technical and business elements. In my talk I’ll share some interesting insights on how you can create a sustainable and cohesive design team through the simple principle of trial & error.”

My UX career growth started when I joined Optymyze as a Junior UX Designer. After almost 9 years in which I worked with amazing professionals, contribute to creating the UX team, and experiment with lean UX, agile UX, and design sprints, in 2018 I founded UX Rocks alongside 3 friends, an agency focused on facilitating workshops & growing the UX community. In 2019 I joined Bytex where I had the chance to create the UX department from scratch and collaborate with Silicon Valley startups among others.

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