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Przemek Szustak

Przemek Szustak
Product Manager

Przemek Szustak

“Pivoting from being Data Obsessed to Data Informed”

Nowadays, everyone talks about data and how data drives business & product decisions. However, sometimes business owners and product managers fall into data addiction. They behave like blind people when they are not able to support assumptions with quantitative or qualitative data. Fortunately, there’s an escape from this trap 🙂 I want to share some insights on when it’s worth basing decisions on intuition, when it’s worth sticking to data, and why it’s not worth applying a single process, a measure of success, and strategy to all objectives & goals.

I work at Tidio as a Product Manager accountable for chatbots’ development. Prior to that, I’ve been launching, testing & pivoting different product’ PoCs and MVPs for a polish venture builder – Daftcode. I also run my own businesses around hemp food and cryptocurrencies. One man band, as they say.

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