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Ravi Purohit

Ravi Purohit
Associate Director of Products

Ravi Purohit

“How Not To Build A Product”

“There are common pitfalls in Feature Prioritisation, Getting Product-Market Fit and Strategic Execution that a Product Leader should avoid. I have made these mistakes in my career spanning over 12+ years in the domains of Product Development, Strategy Consulting and Product Leadership. In this session, I would like to share those failures in a case-study form together with lessons learned from each.”

I am a Data enthusiast bringing the mix of Customer Focus, Technology & Business Strategy to Product Leadership. I have ~12+ years of experience in problem-solving and building Platforms / Products for both Consumers & Enterprises. For the last 3 years, I am associated with Rakuten – where we have built a cutting-edge CIAM solution assisting ~300 Mn customers from 70+ businesses globally.


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