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Sabina Biskupska & Dominika Czajak

Sabina Biskupska & Dominika Czajak

Alior Bank

Sabina Biskupska & Dominika Czajak

“How to find chemistry between product owners and UX researchers?”

Over the last year, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to build long-term  relationship between product owners and UX research team in diverse customer base corporation.

We will present case study based on few ongoing projects aimed at building new products, redesigning existing ones and above all boosting user experience.

How to build business-ux relationships, that make both sides happy? We would like to share our experience and key factors that helped us shaping such success.

Sabina: As a UX researcher at Alior Bank Innovation Lab, she focuses on bringing the objective voice of the consumer to the bank’s strategy and product development efforts. A sociologist by education, a UX and design thinking professional by choice. Her ongoing passion is to supply empathy, and glimpses of the human condition through her work.

Dominika: Constantly curious UX researcher by heart and soul, design thinking enthusiast. Cognitive psychologist with 10+ years experience in research in various organisational cultures: corporation, public institution, IT start-up, small enterprises, universities. As a part of Alior Bank Innovation Lab she is putting the users and clients view first in the projects aimed at developing and optimizing services and digital products.

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