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Sergey Krasotin

Sergey Krasotin
Design Director & Co-Founder

Sergey Krasotin

“How the craziest UX ideas became our most successful products. From a new-age bank startup to NASA & International Space Station”

My talk is focused on how a product team should launch digital products to get thousands of users and traction right away. I’ll share some of our case studies and tell about the main pitfalls and insights in creating innovative UX design while having a minimum input from the client.

Sergey Krasotin is a co-founder & design director of Humbleteam, a design agency that helps startups and enterprises design and reinvent digital products. The agency’s clients have raised over $370M on the strength of products produced by the team. Since the agency’s inception, Sergey has collaborated with over 100 startups in fintech, health tech, proptech and real estate, while building a strong design team in the house.

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