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Vildana Lojo Babic

Vildana Lojo Babic
Senior Product Designer

Vildana Lojo Babic

“Design Critique for Distributed and Diverse Teams”

Design critique is a powerful tool for analysis and improvements in product design. Even though design critique comes from the designer’s toolkit it can be applied to the overall team workflow. Digital products are results of collaborative work of different experts and incorporating design critique can be beneficial not only to designers but to PMs, QA, PO and even to engineering roles.

Since the 2020 instrumentally changed the way we live, work, and think about the collaboration this talk will focus on showcasing how design critique can be used to improve overall product (design) process and how we can get to better product outcomes no matter if we are working in all remote, dispersed on on-site team.

This talk will cover:

– Core differences between presenting design and getting sign off vs continuous design critique
– Types of design critique and how they fit into different team settings
– How and when to organise critiques
– How to collect and act on design critique results
– Case study: Key lessons – A year of remote design critique within dispersed international team at Infobip

Along with the sharing of some valuable tips on:

– How to assess the current state of your teams critique process
– How to share knowledge, educate and influence other team members to start using critique as a powerful tool no matter if you are the only designer or PM on the project

Vildana is an architect turned design leader currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Infobip where she helps other businesses improve their CX through designing customer engagement and database platforms. Previously she led a team of 20 designers for Five Agency. Through 7 years of experience in product design Vildana helped various companies make impact in industries such as: telecommunications, hospitality, tourism, and entertainment. She grew design community Sarajevo from 1 to 360 members through Sarajevo Designs project from 2018 – 2020. Vildana has a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Sarajevo.

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