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Wojtek Aleksander

Wojtek Aleksander
Content strategist

Wojtek Aleksander

“Managing text in the design system”

So, you’ve sliced your designs into components. Atoms, molecules, and organisms start to form neat wireframes. Still, there’s one thing that keeps you busy a bit too much: labels, messages, validations, etc. Perhaps there’s still something missing in the design system? Something like reusable pieces of text. Can they become atoms? They can! But is this the time to dissect components tissue to add another level of automation in the design work? Let’s see!

Wojtek Aleksander is a content strategist and product designer. He’s been creating, designing, and publishing valuable content for over 20 years. He still thinks it’s fun! His daily tasks include tuning shades of voice for brands, automating content creation processes, or ensuring design systems contain content patterns. He believes that words create experiences in the same way as graphical objects in the UI. In his free time, he reads comics, art monographs, or takes a walk along a seashore.

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